Jackson Powers-Johnson's latest quote proves why he's a perfect Raiders fit

If they don't already, fans are going to love this guy.
NFL Combine - Portraits
NFL Combine - Portraits / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

From the moment that the Raiders drafted Jackson Powers-Johnson, it didn't take fans long to realize how perfect he would be in black and silver. And while it really comes down to the fact that their offensive line just needs all the help they can get, Powers-Johnson's personality and on-field demeanor seem destined to win over Raiders fans, and soon.

The latest example comes a whopping two days into rookie mini-camp. On Saturday, video emerged of Powers-Johnson running some casual reps that are, uh, not so casual for him.

You know it's bad when you get multiple "ooohs" in the background. That poor team employee probably had their life flash before their eyes. But this isn't even the best part! That would be Power-Johnson's quote, where he talked a little about why he was going so hard during what's normally a pretty chill weekend of installs and half-speed reps.

"When you get to kind of step out of your comfort zone, or do something you haven't done as much, that's fun for me," he said. "That's what football's all about. That's what life's all about. You're not just going to be the same every day. Now I get to do something new. And yeah it's been pretty seamless, but there's stuff I need to work on, and that's really exciting to me.

"It's awesome, I'm going to be honest," he added, when asked about getting to hit guys on Day 1. "I love physicality. I love violence. I think that's how the sport should be played. Putting on the helmet and just getting going? It's exciting. We don't have the full pads on yet, but I'm excited for that. It's been fun getting to hit a little bit, even if it's a bag.

"And sorry to that trainer, too. I'll take him out to dinner."

Well I'm sold. An offensive lineman that not just enjoys the physicality, but openly embraces it? AND has the self-awareness to crack a few jokes during an otherwise boring mid-May press conference? He was born to be a Raider. No, you're being over-dramatic.