Aidan O'Connell sees the writing on the wall for Raiders' QB situation

We all know where this is going...
Las Vegas Raiders, Aidan O'Connell
Las Vegas Raiders, Aidan O'Connell / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders have a variety of routes they could go, and no one knows just which way they'll lean.

There have been plenty of rumors about the Raiders potentially moving up for a quarterback like Jayden Daniels. But at the same time, they could wait until the second round and look at adding competition to the mix rather than pursuing more of a 'sure thing.'

Having already signed Gardner Minshew, who has plenty of starting experience, the Raiders now add him to the room featuring second-year pro Aidan O'Connell, who started 10 games last season as a rookie.

Yet, it still feels like the Raiders are far from done. And, I think O'Connell knows it, too.

The Raiders likely aren't done adding to the quarterback room, and Aidan O'Connell seems to know it

When asked earlier this week about how O'Connell feels about competition at the quarterback position, he had this to say:

“[I]t’s new at this level for me, but it’s nothing new in terms of the competition. It’s been even since high school what I’ve been dealing with and working through, and so that’s just part of the game. It’s not unique to any one position, it’s how it is at every position. Obviously, only one quarterback plays, but it’s part of it.”

As for how he's handling all of the outside noise and narratives being written about the Raiders needing to address the quarterback position?

“Just don’t read it. Don’t look at it, don’t read it," he said. "And yeah, I’m definitely good to be naïve. I think ignorance is definitely bliss, and that’s what I’m doing.”

It's certainly a good attitude for O'Connell to have, but he seems to understand that the Raiders want to continue adding talent in that room and will probably end up with three on the depth chart, him included.

He was fine as a rookie. He did some good things. But, did O'Connell do enough to prove he could be a long-term starter? Of course not. Now, he's got the right attitude and the confidence needed to play the part. That definitely counts for something.

Still, Las Vegas very well could make a big move up for one of the top-four quarterbacks in this class, and that would all but be the end of O'Connell's starting hopes.