Day 2 quarterbacks the Raiders should think about targeting in NFL Draft

Las Vegas Raiders, Spencer Rattler
Las Vegas Raiders, Spencer Rattler / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

One of the biggest questions on the minds of Las Vegas Raiders fans, still, is what the team plans to do at quarterback not just for 2024, but beyond.

At the moment, it's Aidan O'Connell and Gardner Minshew under center. But, the Raiders can't possibly see a long-term fix in one of them.

So, on to the 2024 NFL Draft it is. With the no. 13 pick in the first round, Las Vegas could potentially reach for a quarterback if the top four are gone.

Or, they could look at drafting one on Day 2. If they opted for the Day 2 route, the following four prospects might make sense.

Bo Nix, Oregon

If Bo Nix is there at pick no. 44, you take him if you're the Raiders. Experts are pretty split on Nix being a late-first rounder or a second rounder, but if he's there in the second, Vegas needs to pounce. Nix improved dramatically after transferring from Auburn to Oregon. Last season, Nix threw for an incredible 4,508 yards, 45 touchdowns and just three interceptions. He also added six scores on the ground.

The improvement was eye-popping, especially watching how Nix can extend plays and make something out of nothing.

Michael Penix Jr., Washington

As the quarterback of one of the most explosive offenses in college football last year, Michael Penix Jr. is another one, like Nix, who could be a late-first or early second-round prospect. If he's there at 44, and Nix is gone, then Penix is your guy.

One of the best things about Penix is his ability to sense pressure and avoid sacks. It's almost uncanny. He's especially good on intermediate and deep throws, too. He is always down for the big play. Over the last two seasons, Penix has thrown for over 9,500 yards, 67 touchdowns and just 19 interceptions.

Spencer Rattler, South Carolina

Spencer Rattler is a pretty polarizing prospect. It's clear that he's had to do some maturing over the last few years, and some believe he's done just that. At six feet tall, he's a little undersized. But, he's a gamer. Rattler is good at extending plays and being patient, taking what defenses give him. He's got a little bit of that early Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes type in him in that respect. His numbers won't blow you away, but he's also been part of teams with less than stellar pass blocking and a receiver room that's subpar.

Michael Pratt, Tulane

Finally, if Michael Pratt is sitting there in Round 3, and maybe even later in that round, the Raiders could potentially trade back and still get him. The Tulane product may come from a smaller program, but he has a lot to like as an NFL player. He's over 6-foot-2, giving him good size. He's also one who can move well in the pocket.

Pratt is also a high-character guy, a proven leader and someone teammates love to play for. He's well-liked and respected and that type of leader is someone the Raiders would cherish under center.