The failed Las Vegas Raiders experiment: Time to move on from Josh McDaniels

After the embarrassing loss in Chicago to not only a bad Chicago Bears team but a bad Bears team who didn't have their starting quarterback. the Raiders need to look to fire head coach Josh McDaniels.
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders were promised change in the form of a new venue and a new city. The Legendary Owner, Al Davis coined the term Just Win Baby which was the inspiration for this website. The goal was to do whatever it took to win and leave the other team in the dust.

Mark Davis has yet to make this happen.

Not only have the Raiders done close to nothing to fix an atrocious defense but have also wasted away an elite wide receiver this season whom they paid a ton of money and gave up significant draft capital for. Fans also claimed Derek Carr was the problem and those same fans vowed to see change this offseason.

All of which never came true.

Looking at the statistics, the Raiders are certainly the worst 3-4 team in the NFL this season. They are dead last in turnover ratio, they are in the bottom 10 of passing and rushing defense, and in the bottom half of rushing and passing yards. They have a league-worst 19% third-down conversion rate and a bottom five 72% defensive conversion rate.

The Raiders are the only team in the history of the NFL to have five first-round picks in a two-year span and squander all of them save for Josh Jacobs, who looks really bad this season too despite holding out for a contract upgrade. Jimmy Garoppolo came to town and Josh McDaniels finally got the guy he wanted and who he has a history with back in New England, but still can't get it down.

Raiders head coach continues to get outcoached

McDaniels has been outcoached his entire career as a head coach and for the last 20 years I have been the first to cheer that Tom Brady made McDaniels and Bill Belichick great and it's seemingly true. Add into that the Chandler Jones drama and this team looks like an absolute mess.

The Denver Broncos took a risk on a then-rookie head coach McDaniels who thought he was Bill 2.0 and took the best players on the offense and kicked them off the team. McDaniels let Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler walk in back-to-back offseasons in favor of Tim Tebow, who failed at the NFL level.

This offseason McDaniels took one of the most athletic tight ends and sent him packing for a draft pick and then let a quarterback go who gave his blood, sweat, and tears to an organization that refused to give him weapons until deep in his career. Not only that but he's turned Hunter Renfrow into an afterthought too.

Josh McDaniels is everything wrong with the Raiders right now. He's arrogant, lacks conviction, unfocused, ok with mediocrity, and doesn't seem to want to win. He's constantly out coached and doesn't take advice from any other coaches and after inheriting a playoff-caliber roster, flipped it upside down, making it worse across the last two offseasons.

It's time to fire McDaniels.