Las Vegas Raiders vs Giants 2023 Week 9: Surprises

The Raiders took on the Giants this weekend and beat an ailing team that lost their quarterback, but the Raiders should temper their expectations moving forward.
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders / Steve Marcus/GettyImages
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The Las Vegas Raiders righted the ship this week against the New York Giants, who looked like one of the worst teams we have seen in recent memory on Sunday afternoon. The Giants also lost their starting quarterback Daniel Jones to a non-contact injury that was reported to be a torn ACL in his knee, so I would expect their season to continue to spiral out of control.

On the Las Vegas side, fans let out a sigh of relief as the Raiders finally let Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler go after a tumultuous few seasons. Interm head coach Antonio Pierce, and former New York Giant himself, promised to bring back the Raider way.

This week, they showed what the Raiders could be.

Las Vegas Raiders vs Giants 2023 Week 9: Surprises

McDaniels gave up before last week

The first surprise was the report about McDaniels and how he had given up. According to Bleacher Report McDaniels told Pierce never to talk bad about the Patriots when discussing how the 2007 Giants were underdogs.

The main issue I have with this comment is that he's moved on from that team so why would he be mad about a coach motivating the team? Not only that but then an awful performance against the Lions led to the firing of him and the GM. Hearing that a head coach has given up on the team or that he thinks the team "sucks" is hard to hear.

Whether or not he said or these things happened, the Raiders a team and players have all collectively had a sigh of relief.