Las Vegas Raiders vs Jets 2023 Week 10: 3 Raiders to watch

The Las Vegas Raiders will play host to the New York Jets in a Sunday Night Football matchup in Week 10. Here are three Raiders to keep an eye on.
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Antonio Pierce has earned the Raiders respect

The former Giants linebacker has garnered the respect of the team as he has created a culture of love for the game. Getting back to the young kids playing backyard football has been key to the morale of this team.

While Josh McDaniels was a strict head coach, Pierce has taken a different approach and treated the players as men. Pierce called a great game targeting Davante Adams 7 times and giving the ball to Jacobs nearly 30 times in his head coaching debut, one the Raiders won easily over the New York Giants.

Pierce has taken control of a team that is hungry for the winning season they need and the fans deserve. Pierce has taken the depressing culture to new heights after a good team win in Las Vegas in front of the rabid Raiders fan base.

If the Raiders continue to play with this kind of passion, there is a good chance Pierce could hang on as the full-time head coach in 2024 and beyond.