Las Vegas Raiders: Josh Jacobs 'the same old Josh' upon return

The Las Vegas Raiders signed Josh Jacobs for at least one-more year to keep the offense at full power.
San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs addressed the media on a Zoom call and of course, the first question asked was how the relationship has been now that Jacobs is back on the field for the Raiders. Jacobs seemed to have a positive attitude and did mention he stayed in shape as well.

Jacobs was rated PFF's best running back last season and had the most forced missed tackles. Having a running back who can break tackles is invaluable on third and short downs, plays that typically win the game. While fans love the long runs, the plays that win games are the broken tackle on 3rd and 3 with two broken tackles that gain 4 yards.

Jacobs led the league with 1,653 yards and also led the league with scrimmage yards over 2,000 total yards on 393 touches along with over a dozen touchdowns. To say Jacobs was invaluable to the success of the Raiders offense last year would be an understatement. Jacobs didn't sign the Franchise Tag of just over $10 million by the July 17th deadline and didn't report to training camp as well. As time went on, the Raiders and Jacobs eventually agreed to a one-year $12 million deal.

Raiders Josh Jacobs a key to the offense in 2023

Jacob also expressed how it was all business and not anything personal:

"“We made it happen, so it ain’t no hard feelings now. It’s a clean slate with me. It was never . . . no hate on each side. I understood it, but at the same time I understood my value, too. So it was just about meeting in the middle.”"

Josh Jacobs on contract negotiations

Jacobs was also adamant he hadn't missed a step or lost any speed and is ready for the season opener against division-rival Denver Broncos on September 10th.

Brandon Bolden also confirmed this by saying:

"Same old Josh. He was away from football, he missed it, we missed him. Back to work, and having him out there today was big for everybody, including him. When you get that whole [running back] room to come back, it's just that much more energy in the room. It's great to have everybody back. Really great to have everybody back."

Bolden on Jacobs' return

Brandon Bolden was a good addition to the running back room while a surprise cut was veteran wide receiver Phillip Dorsett. The Raiders waived him and hoped he would come back on the practice squad but since Denver picked at 5th overall and the Raiders picked at 7th overall, the Broncos were able to sign him before Las Vegas could.