3 Raiders players fighting for their job at training camp

  • The backup QB job
  • Battle at tight end
  • Former All Pro losing his footing?
Raiders, Chandler Jones
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3. Chandler Jones

When the Raiders drafted Tyree Wilson at no. 7 overall, that's when veteran Chandler Jones was officially put on notice.

Can you believe just how ridiculous that statement sounds?

However, it's a true statement. After notching just 4.5 sacks in his first year with Vegas, Jones' disappointing production gave even more reason for the Raiders to draft a guy like Wilson. Now, is Jones' career done? Of course not. Chances are, he'll bounce back in 2023.

But, maybe Jones will perform well as a key rotational rusher that plays in relief of guys like Wilson and Maxx Crosby. That's not to say Jones being a backup means he will play sparingly. He would still get a large amount of work, but he'd be able to stay fresh.

The 33-year-old last had one of his monstrous seasons back in 2019 when he totaled 19.0 sacks. The fact is, he very well could be playing for his starting job during camp. Wilson is a freak of nature and would be a deserving starter, but it will be interesting to watch how everything unfolds.

Wilson could also be placed inside on certain downs in place of either Bilal Nichols or Jerry Tillery, as well. He's athletic and powerful enough to be used in a variety of ways. But the bottom line is, Jones is on notice.

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