Raiders rebuild the future in latest 7-round mock draft

Las Vegas wastes no time in finding their franchise player.

Las Vegas Raiders, Antonio Pierce
Las Vegas Raiders, Antonio Pierce / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Now that the Las Vegas Raiders have an established identity under new head coach Antonio Pierce, it's time to go figure out the most important position in the game, today.

You might love Aidan O'Connell, and he certainly has some redeeming traits. But, the fact of the matter is, this team needs a legitimate, bonafide franchise quarterback, and O'Connell isn't that.

In the 2024 NFL Draft, Las Vegas has to swing big, even if it's from pick no. 13. This is a team that needs to make a move up, and the organization does exactly that in our latest mock.

The Raiders start rebuilding their future by taking drastic measures in this 2024 mock draft

Pats trade

The Raiders make a move up with New England in the first round, here, giving up a total of five picks to move 10 spots. But, in the end, they get a guy who could end up as the most dynamic quarterback of this year's class.

. Jayden Daniels. Jayden Daniels. 529. . Jayden Daniels. 1. player. . QB

At no. 3 overall, the Raiders go with the Heisman winner, Jayden Daniels out of LSU. As the draft nears, I think Daniels is going to be a name that continues to rise and, don't quote me, but he very well could move into the top two pick conversation.

The combination of skills he brings is so electric. This is a guy who threw for nearly 4,000 yards and 40 passing touchdowns last season, and he did it in the SEC. We're talking about the best defensive conference in the country, folks.

I don't think people realize just how special Daniels can be. In addition to his passing prowess, he is a phenom on the ground, running for over 1,100 yards and 10 scores with the Tigers last year. In a league that's geared more and more toward zone defenses, Daniels is going to find success. He's great at manipulating zones and finding the open man.

Say what you will about Caleb Williams or Drake Maye, but Daniels is going to be right there in terms of the impact he has on a franchise, and in this case, it's in Vegas.