ESPN proposes Justin Fields-Raiders trade that might actually be a win-win

  • Raiders get a franchise quarterback
  • Bears get a franchise quarterback, and then some
  • Who says no?
Las Vegas Raiders, Justin Fields
Las Vegas Raiders, Justin Fields / Jeff Bottari/GettyImages
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This offseason, the Las Vegas Raiders will likely make a move at quarterback.

Their identity has been established going forward, under new head coach Antonio Pierce, who earned the permanent title and has the trust and support from his locker room.

With Pierce in place, this is a team that now needs to figure out the most important position in the game, today. Las Vegas could end up moving on from Jimmy Garoppolo and save some cash in the process, simply by cutting him during the offseason.

That would leave Aidan O'Connell as the likely starter going forward, but we know the second-year pro isn't quite ready to be a starter in this league, and he might be best served as a career backup. So, where do the Raiders look to find their franchise quarterback?

ESPN's proposed trade that sends Justin Fields to the Raiders could give each franchise a firm sense of direction

A recent trade proposal from ESPN has the Raiders acquiring Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields in a deal that looks like this:

Fields ESPN trade

Fields has been a hot name for months now, with the Bears having trended toward landing the no. 1 pick in the draft for the second-straight year. Now that they have that pick, once again, Fields' name is going to be maybe the hottest trade candidate floated out there until draft weekend -- or until, of course, a trade is completed.

Both teams could end up winning, here, though. How does it work out for each franchise? Let's dive in a little bit deeper.