3 trades to make Raiders championship contenders in 2023

Could the Raiders make another move before the 2023 season?
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Going into the 2023 season, the Las Vegas Raiders aren't being given much of a chance to compete with the AFC's elite, and for good reason.

The upper echelon of the conference, and even the division, are far above where Vegas is at. But, there is certainly talent there at certain positions. If the Raiders could go out and make another move or two, this team might just take a turn toward contending.

Which moves could the organization pursue that would turn Vegas into more of a contender? There are three, in particular.

Take a chance on Grady Jarrett

One of the areas that the Raiders are hoping gets shored up this season is on the interior defensive line. They need someone to step up, whether it's Bilal Nichols, Jerry Tillery or a reserve. But, this is a spot that has been worrisome and an area that Las Vegas really needs to see someone start making a difference.

The Raiders also drafted Byron Young in the third round, and fans are hoping to see him take over eventually as an impact player up front. But, the team could also take a chance on trading for Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett.

Although he's 30 years old and not the dominant force he once was, Jarrett is still one of the better interior defenders in football. He's consistent, and he's still able to get to the quarterback, which would fit well with the Raiders' edge rush combination of Chandler Jones and Maxx Crosby. Landing Jarrett immediately makes this defense better, and Vegas would be acquiring a player who is still under contract another two years.