4 Raiders who won't be on the roster after NFL Trade Deadline

Will the Raiders be sellers at the trade deadline?
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams / Harry How/GettyImages
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3. Davante Adams, WR

The most well-known and obvious name on this list has to be wide receiver Davante Adams. With his recent comments about being frustrated and not wanting to wait around for the Raiders to figure things out, Adams could definitely be moved.

He has been involved in heavy trade rumors since making those comments, with many major outlets trying to predict where he will ultimately land. At 30 years old, Adams is still playing as good of football as ever. He is still considered to be one of the top, most dominant wide receivers in the game and is as much of a matchup nightmare as any receiver in the league.

He'll be 31 in December, but Adams isn't showing any signs of slowing down. A contending team that wants an elite piece to ensure a Super Bowl run should give up whatever the Raiders are asking in exchange for his services.

Speaking of which, Adams fetched a first and second rounder last offseason when he was dealt to Las Vegas. Now, he'll probably still net a first rounder plus possibly a late-round pick in return, which would be good value for the Raiders if they are set on moving on.