Madden 25 throws shade at Raiders with Christian McCaffrey cover

This felt unnecessary.
San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

It's officially the doldrums of the NFL calendar, which means one thing: video game content is here. It's the bookend of the lamest part of the year, which starts with the week-long schedule reveal and ends with a Madden cover and some Aaron Rodgers drama.

So it'd be easy to see how the Raiders could quietly get through this window without any real drama. And that's true – they did get through without real drama. But there's always fake drama to also worry about, and unfortunately, the Raiders got got.

That's because, for some random reason, Madden 25 decided to throw a tiny bit of shade at the Raiders. Why they did that is anyone's guess, but now the Raiders have real beef with a video game. Because look at this:

Was it necessary to put the Raiders in this? I get that *someone* has to be chasing Christian McCaffrey while he mean mugs his way into the end zone, but why is it the Raiders? They're not even in the same division! Isn't the whole point of the Arizona Cardinals for moments like this?

Maybe this is supposed to be the Super Bowl? And McCaffrey looks angry because the Raiders are winning so convincingly that this run is just for pride and reputation? And the reason he isn't getting tackled is because the Raiders aren't really trying that hard anymore, because they're winning the Super Bowl so easily? Madden always knows.