Maxx Crosby doesn't hold back his feelings on Raiders signing Christian Wilkins in free agency

In a good way, though.
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With some players reporting to team facilities for voluntary workouts this week, NFL fans are getting their first chance to hear from guys since the start of free agency. With all the money thrown around last month, and all the major moves, there's plenty of juicy soundbites to be aggregated before the draft kicks off next week.

And that's certainly the case in Las Vegas, where the Raiders handed out one of the biggest contracts of the offseason – a four-year, $110 million deal to former Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins. He'll now team up with Maxx Crosby to, in theory, create one of the more dominant defensive lines in football.

When talking to media this week, though, Crosby didn't bite when given the opportunity to hype up the potential of the Raiders' new defensive front.

Crosby doesn't hold back on Raiders expectations with Christian Wilkins

"Potential is one thing, action is another," he said. "For us, it's about the work. We have a ton of work to do. Me and Christian haven't played a single snap together, we haven't done a single rep together, so at the end of the day, we've got a ton of work to do. I've said it many times: Christian is a great player. I've been watching Christian and seeing his career from afar for a long time ... we went to the combine together, [Clelin Ferrell] obviously is really good friends with him as well. So I've known him mutually for a long time. I think everything happens for a reason. I'm fired up to get to work with him."

I mean, fine. Whatever. It's a very standard football player quote. I'm sure Raiders' fans would have loved to see Crosby, like, 10% as excited as they are, but it's not like he's the first football player in the history of the NFL to downplay a huge move. Still, there's something objectively funny about basically saying "Yeah, I mean, we'll see," when asked about the team finally giving you another star player to line up beside.

For now, Crosby will handle getting more reps, and Raiders fans will handle getting more excited. And if he's like this about Wilkins, maybe we should avoid asking him how he feels about Gardner Minshew.