Raiders 2023 NFL Draft: How Las Vegas can still draft a QB at No. 7 overall

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The Las Vegas Raiders hold the No. 7 overall pick in this April's draft, and can get a franchise quarterback even if they do not move up.

After releasing longtime starting quarterback Derek Carr in the off-season, the Las Vegas Raiders forced themselves into the quarterback market. Luckily for them, the 2023 NFL Draft is loaded with quarterback options.

The tricky part for the Raiders will be acquiring one of these quarterbacks. After all, as is the case every year, there are no shortage of suitors. Typically, picking at seventh overall would put Las Vegas in a good position to draft a passer.

However, the top of this year's draft has many teams that could feasibly select a quarterback. Starting at number one overall, the Carolina Panthers traded up to draft their quarterback of the future. Following them are the Houston Texans who have no clear answer for the position.

Third overall is the most interesting point if the draft. With the Arizona Cardinals not in the quarterback market, teams have been calling with offers to trade up. With many expecting the Raiders to attempt a move up, the team would have to sacrifice a substantial amount of draft capital in order to move up.

Alas, if the team decides to stay at seven, they will need some luck in order to nab a quarterback. If things go perfect

Las Vegas Raiders can still get a franchise quarterback at No. 7 overall

As mentioned, it is hard to envision the first two picks being anything but quarterbacks. With many expecting the Panthers and Texans to leave the draft with C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young, that leaves just two of the top quarterbacks left for the rest of the NFL.

In a scenario that features no trades, the Arizona Cardinals would likely take the best player available. With both Jalen Carter and Will Anderson available, the team could add an injection of talent to a defense that sorely needs it.

For Raiders fans, it's the next two picks that create concern. First, it is the Colts who are picking fourth overall. Certainly, the team that Las Vegas would be looking to leapfrog in a trade, will almost certainly be taking a quarterback. The best-case scenario for the Silver and Black is that Colts owner Jim Irsay falls in love with Kentucky QB Will Levis.

At five, the Seattle Seahawks could also be in the quarterback market. However, with Geno Smith recently signing an extension, the team would likely opt for the best defensive player on their board, likely Jalen Carter or Will Anderson. Following them at six, Detroit just traded a CB Jeffery Okudah, and would have their pick of the litter at the position to replace him.

That leaves the Raiders at seven with Florida QB Anthony Richardson right there for the taking. Richardson would give Las Vegas their most talented quarterback in years and a tangible future on offense.

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Of course, there is almost no chance the draft goes exactly like this. After all, there will be trades and suprise picks that change the gameplans of all 32 teams. However, in a perfect world, this is how it would shake out for the Raiders.