Las Vegas Raiders: 2023 offensive core is second to none at full strength

If the Las Vegas Raiders go into the 2023 season with their full offense intact, they are second-to-none in the NFL.
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On paper, the Las Vegas Raiders offense is chock-full of talent at all the important positions. Jimmy Garoppolo has to be eager to spread the ball around to what could be a top-five offense, when available, in the NFL this year.

In 2022 Josh Jacobs plowed through NFL defenses, while DaVante Adams continued to pad his hall of fame resume. Darren Waller was supposed to roam the middle and be Derek Carr's safety net, but he missed to much time and the rest is history.

Fast forward a year later and Carr has gotten replaced by a similar quarterback that has actually won significantly in this league before. Dave Zeigler and Josh McDaniels have put a great deal of trust in Garoppolo to be the savior of their offense and keep their job status alive for another year or so. Garoppolo has to prove himself again and make a believer out of his naysayers. He is presumably the weakest link to the offense.

His backfield mate will either return before the season starts or sit out for an unknown amount of time. There's no question he makes the offense purr. The Raiders need Josh Jacobs to succeed. He takes the pressure off of Adams and vice versa. With how McDaniels calls his offense, it's pretty reasonable to say that Jacobs is the number one threat in his offense over Adams.

Raiders offense loaded with talent in 2023

Then you have the league's cream of the crop at wideout in Adams. Jacobi Meyers and Hunter Renfrow should flourish because of him. Together they form a duo that is going to be tough to guard. Doubling Adams will force Renfrow and Meyers to beat defenses in single coverage.

Michael Mayer is a star in the making. When Travis Kelce retires, he figures to be the in the conversation for one of the most recognized tight ends in the game. He's got top-five potential at his position like Jacobs and Adams right now.

As far as the offensive line is concerned, Kolton Miller should not go underappreciated. He is a top-10 tackle that helps pave the way for a rushing attack that stands at the apex of the league. The rest of the starting line is all under the age of 30 and doesn't get paid like Miller does, but outperforms their paychecks.

The closest franchises in terms of talent would have to be Cincinnati, Minnesota, San Francisco, Baltimore, Seattle, and Philadelphia. The Bengals don't have a tight end with the upside of Mayer but clearly are above the rest at quarterback. Minnesota had Dalvin Cook but went the cheaper road too. Philly isn't really three receivers deep, like Vegas, and lacks an elite running back. Seattle may be the most balanced in comparison with two stud runners, a scary receiving group, and a stud line.

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