5 dream scenarios for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2023

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
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4. Raiders RB Josh Jacobs has another monster season after inking new contract

As of now, the Raiders do not have Josh Jacobs in the fold for the 2023 NFL season, as he has yet to sign his franchise tag. The truth is, the divide between Jacobs and the Raiders could lag on throughout the summer months, and there have already been reports he could be out into Week 1.

However, I believe the Raiders are going to get the job done when it comes to inking Jacobs to a long term deal. Unlike other running back entering a contract season, Jacobs is only going to be 25-years old this season, and should have at least four good seasons remaining.

If he returns, and plays the entire season, he should benefit from having Jimmy Garoppolo as his quarterback. That will lead to another big season from Jacobs, which would be just what this offense needs to keep the opposition off the field.

3. Raiders secondary is much better than advertised

For years, one of the biggest issues when it comes to the Raiders franchise has been the play of the secondary. Whether it be at cornerback, or at the safety position, the defensive backfield has been atrocious, which is a nightmare when you have Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes in your division.

The best-case scenario for the Raiders in 2023 would be the secondary playing well over par, as the likes of Jakorian Bennett and Marcus Epps could prove to be major additions. Duke Shelley, David Long Jr. and Christopher Smith II could also be major contributors, while Tyler Hall and Nate Hobbs should improve early in their NFL careers.

If the secondary is better than expected, the Raiders defense could finally become a playmaking unit on that side of the ball.