Raiders fans can’t help but laugh at ridiculous new Broncos uniforms

In fact, most fans can't help but laugh.
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Candice Ward/GettyImages

For like, the last six months, the Broncos have been teasing new jerseys. Their current set was getting a bit stale, and with a prolific history of sharp uniforms, there was a ton of excitement and anticipation to see how Denver would embrace that.

Well, everyone found out on Monday. And turns out, instead of incorporating any amount of their beloved franchise look into the new set, they just decided to become UTEP.

Y I K E S. In the Broncos' defense, they also released pics of the throwbacks they'll be wearing, which look nice but also kinda just amplifies how gross the new ones are. The good news for Raiders fans is that a division rival is getting dragged On The Web, which is why we all become football fans in the first place.

So yeah. Not a great start to the Broncos/UTEP/Boise State era. Surely they didn't just have the retro jersey reveal in their back pocket in case the internet hated their new jerseys. The plan was always definitely to release a bunch of videos and pictures of the throwbacks 10 minutes after their first reveal. To Denver's credit, the actual video is well-produced. Nothing says "newish bright orange sports jerseys" like a ton of professionally filmed b-roll of the rural west.

It's only Monday of Draft Week and the Broncos have already taken an L. Now go trade up for JJ McCarthy and make it 2-2.