How the 2023 Raiders offense will benefit Las Vegas in 2024

Where did the 2023 Las Vegas Raiders biggest contributors come from?
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Simply put, the Raiders homegrown talent far outperformed their numerical minority on the offensive side of the ball. In terms of passing and rushing stats, as well as offensive line availability and production, the former draft picks or undrafted free agents dominated statistically.

Most of these guys remain, other than Josh Jacobs and Hunter Renfrow. However, when it came to the receiving stats, acquired talent held the advantage due to the presence of Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers. Both of these players are on the roster again this year thankfully, but ideally, the many young weapons that the Raiders spent picks on in recent years step up to the plate and benefit an offense desperately in need of a boost.

Based on Brad Weiss’ 2024 Roster Projection, the offense will be made up of 58.3% homegrown players, so much will be hinging on how these guys turn out.  

At the end of the day, I do not care how it gets done, as long as it gets done. If a roster full of free agents takes us to the promised land, I would be thrilled. However, guys like Maxx Crosby are ultimate Raiders because they’ve worn one jersey since joining the league, and there is something beautiful about a player who is drafted by the Silver&Black and buys into the Shield from Day 1 of their NFL careers. 

Just Win Baby.