4 reasonable expectations for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2023 Week 10

The Las Vegas Raiders are taking on the New York Jets after a big win against the partner New York team last week in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Raiders Hunter Renfrow gains75 yards and a touchdown

Last week Hunter Renfrow was finally a name we saw on the stat sheet as he's having a down season likely due to how he's being used (which was never). Renfrow seems likely to blow up in a game soon and this may be the week.

The Jets corners are some of the best in the league but their slot and coverage linebackers are not very good. This is where Renfrow could come in and make some plays. Renfrow excels as the shifty routes across the middle and into the second level. As the Jets could shut down the running game and Davante Adams, the team needs to look for someone to get a spark going.

Sunday night will be a great opportunity for Renfrow to re-establish himself as one of the best slot wide receivers in the NFL in primetime. It is clear that O'Connell likes to go to him, and Bo Hardegree want to work him back into the offense, so against the Jets, I would expect the biggest game of the season for Renfrow as the Raiders look to continue their strong play.