Raiders schedule 2024: Every opponent ranked from easiest to hardest

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Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Candice Ward/GettyImages
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We've finally made it. After the long six month march that was The Super Bowl -> The Draft -> The Schedule Release, we're finally free. The Raiders' schedule is here, and it's beautiful! So many winnable games! (This isn't even a joke – it looks really easy. Like, suspiciously so.) And sure, we already knew most of this information. But more importantly, we didn't know ALL of it. But now we do!

There's plenty of reasons to start getting excited about these games. Davante Adams is still around! This defense was getting better and better at the end of last year! Maybe this is the year that Gardner Minshew figures it out! And with basically nothing on the NFL calendar before training camp starts in two months, this is the last time* we'll talk about it until July. (*It's not.)

So of course we're going to rank these games. Before we get to the rankings, here's how the full 17 weeks plays out:

Raiders 2024 Schedule

Week 1: @ LA Chargers
Week 2: @ Baltimore Ravens
Week 3: vs. Carolina Panthers
Week 4: vs. Cleveland Browns
Week 5: @ Denver Broncos
Week 6: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 7: @ LA Rams
Week 8: vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Week 9: @ Cincinnati Bengals
Week 10: BYE WEEK
Week 11:
@ Miami Dolphins
Week 12:
vs. Denver Broncos
Week 13:
@ Kansas City Chiefs (Black Friday Game)
Week 14:
@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 15:
vs. Atlanta Falcons (MNF)
Week 16:
vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 17:
@ New Orleans Saints
Week 18:
vs. LA Chargers