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ProFootballTalk lists Raiders last in Preseason Power Rankings

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If you thought the Raiders finally adding some names the mainstream NFL media would recognize would finally bring at least a small amount of respect to Oakland think again as the good folks at ProFootballTalk have decided that the Raiders adding over $60 million in talent from 2013 wasn’t enough to impress them heading into the 2014 NFL Preseason.

Out of the 32 NFL teams, PFT decided to give the Raiders the distinction of being the worst team in the NFL in their opinion heading into the preseason.

Noting the Raiders additional and proven talent in 2014, PFT decided to go the other way and label the additions of Matt Schaub, Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley, Maurice Jones-Drew, Tarrel Brown, and Carlos Rogers as negatives rather than positives thanks to the age of each player.

Believing that the Raiders 2014 FA’s don’t have much in the tank and the Raiders playing in a division with three playoff teams, PFT feels that the Raiders are deserving of the #32 position in their extremely early power rankings.

From PFT

In the best-case scenario, the 2014 Raiders prove engineered to win now.

In the worst-case scenario, they are a collection of yesterday’s news.

The Raiders shook up their roster in free agency, signing at least a half-dozen players who figure as starters. They traded for Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, who comes off his worst season but helped lead Houston to a wild-card win in each of the previous two campaigns.

That is the thing about the Raiders — the résumés of the assembled talent look quite good. Schaub has made two Pro Bowls, and free agent additions Maurice Jones-Drew, Justin Tuck, Donald Penn, Carlos Rogers, Antonio Smith and LaMarr Woodley have combined nine Pro Bowl nods to their credit, per Pro Football Reference records.

However, of those seven players, the 29-year-old Jones-Drew is the youngest — and he gained a mere 3.4 yards per carry a season ago. Schaub, Tuck, Penn, Rogers and Smith are all 30 or older, and Woodley turns 30 in November.

The Raiders had salary-cap space to use this offseason, and they did not lack for needs. And let there be no doubt: the Raiders’ depth chart is better for all that spending. But will it be enough for Oakland to close the gap on its AFC West rivals, all of whom made the postseason in 2013?

For what it is worth it is still far too early to take stock in any website’s Power Rankings (if you should ever take stock in the power rankings of a writer/blogger in the first place, except ours of course) and nobody should lose sleep over PFT saying that the Raiders are the worst team in the league seven days into the month of July. However it is interesting that PFT feels the Raiders, who added in the offseason while other struggling teams lost talent, are the worst assembled team in the NFL. Age is nothing but a number, and the players brought into Oakland are all a few years away from retirement at least so it is strange that the mainstream media feels so confident that the Raiders new veterans are going to be free agency busts. Only time will tell if that rings true.

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  • KloverJane

    NBC Negative Biased Corporation. Bed wetters and limp wristed typists.

  • ohioraider

    They never give us props…so kick rocks raiders for life

  • Chad Jensen

    If the Raiders aren’t the worst, what team is?

  • truthbetold

    The raiders are one of the worst, but Cleveland should have been the worst overall.

  • raidernation

    Cant wait when PFT wants to jump on the bandwagon and we kick them off with a shoe to the face… its OK.. but I do agreed on MJD he was a cast off even though he was the youngest of the FA. But I do hope even him proves ME wrong…. Raiders #1

  • Pridenpoise

    Shouldn’t you be pondering how the Donkeys always get blown out in Super Bowls, beat it asshole, if I want any of your lip I’ll rattle my zipper.

  • James Schroeder

    To the folks at PFT…. If they had a cure for stupid I would gladly offer it to you. Unfortunately they don’t, so it looks like you guys are stuck being stupid. Sorry for that.

  • Raider Grant

    Hell yeah! Lol

  • Raider Grant

    They were wrong last year, wrong again this year, and will be wrong again next year. Worst then the weather man! Go Raiders!!!

  • Chad Jensen

    Lol. Sensitive much? Why you so mad? Nevermind. I think I know. Peace.

  • Charles King

    What about Khalil Mack, potential game changer, our linebacker depth and versatility, the upgraded secondary, our dangerous receiving core with at least 4 potent threats, AND our beefed up O-line which we’ve upgraded at every position of need, we now have depth there too. They didnt consider any of that, if they did, I’m sure this list would be absolutely different.

  • Pridenpoise

    No we are not sensitive over here on JBB, but when you make sarcastic comments don’t be surprised when someone calls you out on it asshole, just like if I was on the lame site Predominantly Choking, the Donkey fans would have their collective panties in a bunch, so go troll elsewhere douchebag. We will see you in the upcoming season, when Mack snaps that surgically repaired neck.

  • Chad Jensen

    The irony of your highly articulate tirade is that my question was sincere. Sorry if it stung, homie. I truly meant no offense.

  • Pridenpoise

    Well here’s the thing, when Donkey fans come trolling along on a Raiders post, chances are it’s not to have a civil chat about football, and your comment reeks of sarcasm, so I think you’re full of s**t. By the way you may want to check the definition of the word irony, it’s uncanny how many people use the word and don’t know the true meaning. And if you’d like to know what the worst team is try using your imagination, maybe it’s the Browns, possibly the Giants, Texans, Falcons Jaguars, Redskins or Buffalo. I guess we won’t know until mid season, but maybe that helped with your “sincere question”.

  • Chad Jensen

    Nah, dude. If I was trolling, I could think of a lot better ways to clown the Raiders. Truth is, I think Reggie McKenzie, if given enough rope, has the vision to get the Raiders back to winning. I liked the Hayden pick last year and thought his draft this year was phenomenal. I’m on this board because I utilize the Fansided app to keep abreast of the NFL and my fellow AFC West. Seriously, dude. I’m gonna leave this thread, but do yourself a favor and relax.

  • Pridenpoise

    That’s your advice to me relax, I’m in the middle of a two week vacation so being relaxed is not one of my most pressing issues. If you get offended easily then I suggest when utilizing the fan sided app you stick to reading and not commenting, at least not on the JBB, you never know when someone might misconstrue your attempt at logic for sarcasm.

  • Chad Jensen

    Hey, you’re welcome to comment at predominantlyorange whenever you like. As Editor, I welcome you.

  • Tim Davis

    I simply love the fact that SI (substantially bigger publication/website than PFT) is actually bashing PFT on their ignorant and obviously just a tad early ranking.

    OAKTOWN 2014

  • KloverJane

    Do you have to inform people when you move into a new neighborhood?

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    Raiders added several OLD players. Can they get it done…

  • Bob

    Worst record in football the last eleven years. Until the Raiders start winning, they will get no respect.

  • Bob

    Yup, but the Raiders still need to be ranked in the bottom half until they show something.

  • Chad Jensen

    Is that a rhetorical question?

  • Christopher

    Apparently so if you have to ask Chad Jensen. Why do Donkey fans always comment on Raiders links? As a Raiders fan, I don’t go to Donkey, Dolt, and Chief links and comment anything positive or negative. I’m just there to read up on the enemy, I could care less what their fans think about the Raiders as I know their fans couldn’t care less what I think of their team. Oh by the way, since you want to diss on the Raiders, all I can say is the Raiders have three rings in 5 tries and your Donkeys have 2 rings in 7 tries. The Raiders have an overall playoff record of 25–18, your Donkeys’ overall playoff record is 20-18, so your team might win more games but at least we can bet with confidence that your team won’t win when it really matters… Oh and you must be a new Donkey fan because your Donkeys had a losing run just as bad as the Raiders. “The Broncos were barely competitive during their 10-year run in the AFL
    and their first seven years in the NFL, never making the playoffs. They
    did not have a winning season until 1973.” 1973, that’s 13 years straight of back to back losing seasons, so get off of your high horse…

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    We are TITED OF THIS 12 yr SUCKAGE!! They are right, we got the OTH GANG PLAYING FOR US & expect 2 WIN#DELUSIONAL

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan