10 Oakland Raiders in need of a big training camp

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3. Juron Criner

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The picture above says it all. Criner actually dropped that pass. After being a highly prolific pass catcher at Arizona the fourth round pick was viewed as the long vertical threat that was also an end zone threat yet he never put it together. This is year three for him and with the pressure building from undrafted rookie Mike Davis, Criner will have to put his stamp on this group if he wants to remain a Raider.

2. DJ Hayden

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Some people call me a Hayden apologist. Fine if it makes you happy I will take on that title. The injuries for Hayden have mounted early and although I will not be overly critical of a draft pick until after year three, I am sick and tired of people calling him a bust. I love his skill set and I have an even greater appreciation of the man, but for my sanity I need Hayden to step up just to shut people up. Yeah I said it, im sick and tired of the Reggie bashers whose first two justifications for their hate are Matt Flynn and DJ Hayden. Personally, I think he will be the Raiders second best corner this season and in year three will be a significant playmaker for this defense.