Jon Gruden returning to coaching wouldn’t surprise Jay Gruden


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Jon Gruden’s first MNF appearance since reports came out that he would be owner Mark Davis’ first candidate to take over the Oakland Raiders head coaching job in 2015 coincidentally features his head coaching brother Jay Gruden’s Washington team. Naturally that made questions about Jon’s potential return to the sidelines fair game this week leading up to Monday Night Football at FedEx field.

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ESPN’s Seahawks beat writer Terry Blount posted quotes from Jay Gruden’s conference call with Seattle writers this week, where Jay mentioned that his brother has “two great jobs” that he could do in either head coaching or calling Monday Night Football. Adding that he wouldn’t be surprised either way in what his brother decides come the offseason.

Jay says that his brother has mixed feelings about coaching, loving the competitive nature but also disliking some of the undesirable parts of the job from time to time.

From ESPN:

"“It wouldn’t surprise me one way of the other with Jon,” Jay Gruden said Thursday on a conference call with Seattle Seahawks reporters. “He has two great offers. Well, he doesn’t have an offer yet for coaching, but he’s got two great jobs he can potentially do.“But I don’t want to put words in his mouth or predict anything. He hasn’t told me one way of the other.”Jay said his brother has some mixed feelings about what he enjoys more, broadcasting or coaching.“He loves what he’s doing at ESPN,” Jay said.” I know that. But he also loves coaching. I know that for a fact. He has one of the greatest jobs in sports and loves what he does, but I also know he loves the competitive nature of coaching. And I know he hates coaching from time to time, kind of like I do sometimes on Sunday nights.”"

It is interesting to hear Jay talk candidly about his brother’s current job status as he once again has the opportunity to leave broadcasting for head coaching, something that seems to make headlines yearly at some point as the former Super Bowl winning head coach is highly sought after in both of his job fields. Nobody knows what lies in the future for Jon Gruden better than his brother in all likelihood, but right now it looks like anything is possible.