Jon Gruden Would Return to Oakland Raiders According to Close Friend


It has been awhile since we have brought out the Gruden Watch, JBB’s running look at the Jon Gruden-Oakland Raiders storyline. However the NFL Sunday pregame circuit brought it right back yesterday as it seemed every second report was about Gruden. Why they bury such great stuff on Sunday mornings is beyond me when people are focused on the games is beyond us, but hey it gives us something to talk about while the Raiders are still winless.

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The most interesting tidbit (and we will get to them all on JBB in the coming hours), was NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport’s report that “if there was one job” Gruden would take it would be the Oakland Raiders. This report comes from a close friend, who also doesn’t seem to mind leaking information on his buddy to the NFL Network.

Gruden’s love for the Raiders franchise is well known, after all Al Davis put him on the map as a coaching mind and now an extremely well paid football analyst. Now with Mark Davis still enamored with the idea of bringing back Gruden to where it all started for him, it makes sense that the MFL analyst would come back to the Raiders above all other teams. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen, but for Davis’ sake he will be taking that love of the franchise and running with it if he can get the former Raiders coach to the negotiating table for real.