Oakland Raiders Advisers Telling Mark Davis Not to Pursue Jon Gruden?


Gruden Watch checks in for another day as Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole dropped another round of his seemingly weekly reports on the Raiders to discuss his usual beat of the stadium situation in Los Angeles while also dropping a new report surrounding Gruden and owner Mark Davis that strays away from the usual “Will Jon Come to Oakland” discussion. In fact, Cole is suggesting that those within the franchise are telling Mark not to go after the former Raiders head coach.

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Friend of JBB, James Arcellana (@RaidersReporter on Twitter) pointed to Cole’s recent Insider Buzz video on B/R discussing Gruden and Los Angeles on his blog, mentioning Gruden’s track record of only succeeding with veteran laden team as a cause for those around Davis regarding Gruden. An interesting thing to ponder when it comes to the Raiders pursuing Gruden who will surely come with a hefty pricetag.

From Arcellana:

"The Oakland Raiders are clearly going to be looking for a new head coach in the offseason and one of the front runners to the job is former head coach Jon Gruden. But according to Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report, people around Raiders owner Mark Davis have been telling him that they do not believe Gruden is a good fit for Oakland.As time goes on and that becomes more and more clear, more and more Raiders fans have latched onto the idea of the return of Chucky. Raiders history is full of notable coaches, from Al Davis, to Jon Gruden to Tom Flores… to Jon Gruden.But according to Cole, those around Davis do not like Gruden for the head coaching position and for some logical reasons. Gruden’s history of success has come with veteran teams that he was able to get the most out of. When it came to developing younger players and molding them into a team, Gruden’s record is not very good. In fact, it was his inability to do this that led to being fired in Tampa Bay. The one  caveat that Cole makes is that if the Raiders do end up moving to Los Angeles, Gruden could be the big name star that would help them adjust to the new market (since there are no bonafide stars on the team right now)."

It is hard to disagree with those concerned about Gruden’s track record as a head coach being with mostly veteran teams as he failed to get back to the Super Bowl once players aged in Tampa Bay before he was eventually fired. Whether that will dissuade Mark Davis is another story, but it is at least something to consider when fans call for the return of Chucky as he will not have the type of veteran teams that he enjoyed in Oakland and then Tampa Bay during the 00’s.

You can see Cole’s full B/R video below and let us know what you think in the comments.