Ice Cube Talks Bringing Oakland Raiders to LA on Rich Eisen Show (VIDEO)


When it comes to famous fans there may not be a celebrity more attached to one team in the NFL more than Ice Cube is attached to the Oakland Raiders. Directing a popular ESPN 30 for 30 series on the Los Angeles Raiders and still riding for the Raider Nation despite their decade long struggles, Ice Cube is essentially an official spokesperson for the Raiders. Which means when he hops on sports shows the question about the Raiders is always one of the first questions brought up to the famous rapper/actor/Coors Light pitchman.

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That was the case when Cube hopped on the Rich Eisen Show to speak with the NFL Network host about the NFL as well as the Raiders, naturally talking about the potential of the franchise relocating back to Ice Cube’s home city of Los Angeles. The place where Ice Cube’s rap group NWA sold more Raiders gear in the 80’s and 90’s than Bo Jackson, Marcus Allen and Todd Marinovich combined (okay the last one is a joke).

Plugging 22 Jump Street coming out on DVD (Eisen nicely called Ice Cube hilarious in the movie), Cube wants the Raiders to come back into Los Angeles claiming that the team is the most popular in the area which means that they wouldn’t want the Chargers (South California’s only remaining team) or the Rams (Los Angeles’ original NFL team) if they had a choice. Cube also added that the Raiders deserve a new stadium to help with their franchise turnaround.

You can see the full interview below where Ice Cube discusses the Raiders current situation like a true member of Raider Nation, citing that the team can play defense some days while being bad on offense while playing good offense during games where they are bad on defense. It is a good 10+ minute watch that is worth your time this Monday afternoon.