Oakland Raiders Can Make 2013 Draft Look Much Better

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Round 6: Latavius Murray

Every since McKenzie took Latavius Murray in the sixth round out of the of Central Florida, I really liked the pick. His vision to see along the whole line of scrimmage and cutback is a lost art among today’s speed-dependent running backs. But he was injured last year and I told everyone that would listen that the Raiders didn’t need Rashad Jennings because of him.

Then at the opening of this season, I was thoroughly disappointed when it looked like he was running in slow motion. Maurice Jones-Drew was also going nowhere slow and Darren McFadden was the only one that had any burst but there were no holes. Or maybe there were as I started to see them as McFadden would simply put his head down a push forward.

I wanted to see McFadden cut back when it was there but I don’t see that too much around the league anymore so I thought it was a lost art. Then in comes Murray on Sunday to show me the the cutback run is still alive and well in the NFL. Now, Murray looks like something to be reckoned with as he and McFadden should start their competition for 2015 now.