Sio Moore Attacks Oakland Raiders Fans, Critics on Twitter


Nov 20, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders lineabcker Sio Moore (55) celebrates after the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Coliseum. The Raiders defeated the Chiefs 24-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders lost 52-0 on Sunday to the St. Louis Rams, so as you could expect fans, analysts, and bloggers (like this one) had plenty of criticism for the team that got blown out at the Edward Jones Dome. That should be expected of course, because when you have your worst loss as a franchise in the modern era, people aren’t going to defend that effort 99% of the time.

Raiders linebacker Sio Moore expected differently apparently as he has taken to Twitter to lash out at those who are criticizing his 1-11 team. Referring to the critics as “jokes” who know “nothing of the truth” which are pretty tough words considering Moore was out of position on Tre Mason’s 89 yard run touchdown run.

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Moore has had two successful seasons in Oakland as a third round draft pick, but his anger at fans is misplaced as it is hard to blame anyone who cheers for the Raiders for being frustrated at a 1-11 record and a no show effort that was displayed on Sunday in St. Louis. At times it looked like the Raiders were disinterested in playing football in the 52-0 blowout, as a professional Moore should understand that fans as well as those who cover the team aren’t going to blindly ignore a historically poor performance just because they support the team. Especially writers who have no choice but to call it like it is on the field, and on Sunday the Raiders were poor. There is no amount of fandom that can sugarcoat that fact.