Warren Sapp Arrested, Fired at NFL Network for Hiring Prostitute


Nov 11, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers hall of famer Warren Sapp talks as he is inducted into the Ring of Honor at halftime against the Miami Dolphins at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Many covering the Super Bowl enjoyed the Arizona nightlife following the biggest game of the season and the culmination of the finale to the 2014 National Football League season. However former Oakland Raiders defensive tackle and NFL Network mouthpiece took the party to a dark place Monday morning, and lost his job for the 2015 season in the process.

Sapp was arrested at in the morning hours Monday for soliciting a prostitute, allegedly being charged for assault in the process. Deadspin released a police report detailing the accounts of Sapp’s arrest, which involved a dispute over money after Sapp paid for two prostitutes that turned physical and alerted the police to his hotel.

From Deadspin: 

"On February 2, 2015 at 2:30 a.m. Phoenix Police officers working security at a Downtown Phoenix hotel were investigating a noise disturbance when they were contacted by a female alleging she had been assaulted. The incident was alleged to have occurred in a guest room, after meeting in the lobby while she and another female were there as escorts. During a meeting in the room, an argument ensued, allegedly over money and the altercation turned physical, spilling out into the hallway.During the investigation detectives were able to establish that an act of prostitution occurred in the room by at least one of the females. Sapp was detained and transported to Phoenix Police Headquarters. While there he was questioned and admitted involvement in the act of prostitution, but denied assaulting the females. Minor injuries consistent with a struggle, were observed by investigators on both females.Sapp was transported to the Maricopa County Jail and booked on charges of Soliciting Prostitution and two counts of assault, both misdemeanor offenses.One female was cited for one count of Prostitution and released, the second female left the scene prior to detectives arrival but was later located at a Peoria hotel. She was interviewed, and cited for a violation of the City’s escort permit requirements and released."

According to Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch, Sapp was also fired from the NFL Network as of Monday afternoon when the news of his arrest hit the wire.

The news that an employee of the NFL’s television network was arrested after the Super Bowl for not only purchasing prostitutes, but allegedly assaulting them in a dispute over money, is a bad look for the league that has had plenty of violence against issue problems this past season. A former player and broadcaster employed on the network carrying the league’s name won’t please anyone at the NFL offices, who took a risk bringing in Sapp in the first place as he already has former incidents to his name in the past before getting a chance in the broadcasting world.

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Sapp has a long list of transgressions, which makes the news that he was arrested for hiring prostitutes after covering the Super Bowl with the NFL Network unsurprising to say the least even if it is a sad potential end to his broadcasting career. The former Tampa Bay and Oakland defensive tackle has had money issues since his playing days ended and the loss of income from broadcasting along with the bad PR from this ordeal surely won’t help him as television networks will be uneasy in bringing Sapp to their panels anytime soon.

Raiders fans have hard feelings towards Sapp from his days in Oakland, where he never lived up to expectations during the tail end of his career and didn’t have kind words for the franchise once he hung up the cleats for some time. A member of the Hall of Fame, Sapp parlayed his loud personality and career into a job in broadcasting that is now in danger of ending just as it was getting started. We will see how this incident impacts the former Miami Hurricane, but for now the ex-defensive tackle is in more than his share of hot water both legally and professionally over his post-Super Bowl activities.