Oakland Raiders Fan Gets Khalil Mack Tattoo


Oakland Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack made quite the impression during his rookie season after getting drafted to the Silver and Black with the fifth overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft. Mack instantly became an impact player at outside linebacker, and was widely considered as one of the best rookies in his class over the course of his first season despite not winning Defensive Rookie of the Year, finishing behind Donald Penn despite having a dominant season for the Raiders.

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Because of his 2014 performance and his stellar play, Mack became a fan favorite amongst Raiders fans who love their best players like no other fanbase in the league. Mack’s jersey ranked just outside the Top 100 in NFL jersey sales this past season and amongst the tops in jersey sales for rookie players for good reason, joining fellow rookie Derek Carr as one of the most popular athletes in Oakland as the future of the Raiders.

The love of Mack is so deep in Oakland circles that one member of the Raider Nation wasn’t satisfied just buying a jersey, taking his appreciation of the linebacker one step further. A permanent step further at that, expressing his admiration of Mack in ink by getting a large mural of the outside linebacker on his bicep.

As you can see below, one hardcore fan of the Raiders decided that it was a good idea to get one of the biggest tattoos of one NFL player that you may ever see after just one season. Bankrolling his faith in Mack in a move that is very similar to all of those premature “Championship” tattoos that fans across the sporting world get every year and turn into viral posts on the internet. This is no different as this fan is confident that Mack will become a Raiders legend worthy of being on his body for life by the looks of this tattoo.

Mack has at least three more seasons in Oakland on his rookie contract, so the earliest this fan would be regretting his decision would be 2017 if Mack does ever leave Oakland to another team. There is of course the other chance that Mack doesn’t live up to the hype of his rookie season, an unlikely scenario given how good he played in 2014, but still a risk taken by expressing your love for a first year NFL player in ink as this fan has done.

Raiders fans love Mack, but this one particular fan can tell everyone he is Khalil Mack’s biggest fan for life with his newest tattoo. For the sake of the team and this particular fan, hopefully the young outside linebacker becomes a legend that plays in Oakland for his entire career to make his decision worth it.

Just a suggestion for anyone else getting Raiders player tattoos: Go with Charles Woodson next time, it is a much safer bet that you may not end up regretting that decision, even if Mack has a good chance of becoming a star in Oakland.