Oakland Raiders Likely to Relocate According to Amy Trask


Amy Trask had a long history with the Oakland Raiders, becoming the first ever female CEO in the NFL alongside Al Davis. So it is safe to say that Trask has strong knowledge of the inside dealings of the Raiders even as she has now stepped into an analyst role on CBS Sports Network amongst other gigs since leaving the Oakland offices.

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Because of that knowledge it was concerning to hear that Trask feels that the Oakland Raiders have a very strong chance of leaving the city as the former team CEO weighed in on the developing story on Monday morning during a radio appearance on 95.7 The Game.

Speaking on the Raiders flagship station, Trask said that she believes that the Carson project presents a significant possibility that owner Mark Davis will move the team. An opinion that is growing momentum as the Raiders may stop their discussions with the City of Oakland within 30 days if no progress is made between the two sides.

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Trask may have been away from the Raiders organization for some time, but her opinion is one that should be valued still and this is a take that definitely won’t boost the spirits of those in Oakland who are hoping the Raiders eventually get a deal done to stay in the city. With all of the signs pointing towards Davis moving the team after years of trying to make that happen, the overall feeling of what will happen is becoming more and more a feeling that the team will move from the Bay Area for the second time in franchise history.

Even if the City of Oakland decides to change their stance on getting a new city funded stadium built there are far more factors involved than with the privately funded project in Carson that is being offered to Davis and the Raiders. With a split city council not wanting to put Oakland further in debt to satisfy their NFL franchise, Davis is being left to look at options elsewhere where privately funded stadiums are being presented as viable options in the Los Angeles area.

Because of that many insiders close to the situation are seeing that the Raiders will be turning their attentions to relocation, something that still may not happen, but definitely something that could happen as the grass is looking greener in South California for Mark Davis. There are factors involved in the Carson proposal that are tricky, namely stadium sharing with the Chargers and the presence of a third interested party in the Rams, but those problems seem minor to the ongoing issues in building an Oakland stadium. Trask sees those problems as being too much for Davis to overcome, something that is going to continue the negativity surrounding the city that very well could be losing their NFL team.