Oakland Raiders Unlikely To Remove Mt. Davis Tarps


Dec 21, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders receiver James Jones (89) runs onto the field through a procession of cheerleaders before the game against the Buffalo Bills at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders fans know all about the tarps placed on the upper echelon of the Oakland Coliseum that is known as “Mt. Davis” that has decreased the capacity of the Black Hole to ensure that the team could avoid the NFL’s blackout rules as best as possible with less seats to fill. The tarps restricted access to fans who would fill the upper deck of the Coliseum, but it was a necessary move to keep the team from being subjected to local blackouts as the tarps did their job in ensuring the every home game would still be shown locally per the league’s blackout rules by filling enough of the reduced seating.

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With the news that the NFL will be removing the blackouts in 2015, hope emerged on Monday that the team could remove the tarps in an attempt to boost ticket sales to the Black Hole for the upcoming season. A season that could be the last year the team is in Oakland with an uncertain stadium future.

However that hopeful result to the blackouts being lifted is unlikely to happen as the tarps to Mt. Davis are likely to remain. Voice of the Raiders Greg Papa confirming that he has heard it is likely that the NFL ruling will have any effect on the team’s decision to keep the tarps up or to remove them for additional seating.

The feeling that the tarps will remain up is legitimate considering that the team wants a good atmosphere at their eight home games, something that has been achieved by removing the nosebleed seats to keep the fans closer together for the game viewing experience. Of course that comes with less potential for as many fans as possible to come to the games, but the option to have the nosebleeds open isn’t worth the risk of having the upper deck mostly unfilled during “B” games on the home schedule.

Of course the team can decide to remove the tarps if season ticket interest dictates that they will be able to fill Mt. Davis to capacity. That is the ultimate deciding factor and now that the blackout ban is lifted the team could be able to lift the tarp if fan support indicates they can make the move to open the upper deck for the first time in years. More fans in the Coliseum means a bigger home field advantage, even if for now it appears the team is going to stick with the lower attendance model of seating for the Black Hole.