Rolando McClain Visiting New England Patriots


Dec 21, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain (55) smiles on the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Indianapolis Colts at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being an early bust out of the first round of the NFL Draft, linebacker Rolando McClain has managed to be a frontrunner since being exiled by the Oakland Raiders and announcing an early retirement from football, managing to draw interest from teams who are in the top of the league in terms of prestige. A trend developing with McClain where he bounces from winning team to winning team as franchises look past his troubled past to get value out of a former college star who is very talented when he has everything in the right place on and off the field.

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After getting his first opportunity with the Baltimore Ravens before flaming out with an early “retirement” the Dallas Cowboys gave McClain what was thought to be a last chance during the 2014 season when the former Alabama star came into training camp with the team. McClain made the most of the opportunity, earning a starting job at middle linebacker on the Cowboys unexpected run to a division title and playoff win before losing to the Green Bay Packers in the second round.

Early in the offseason McClain’s troubles reappeared into his career however, earning a four game fine for violating the league’s substance abuse police, something that potentially weighed on the Cowboys decision to not bring back the linebacker after his comeback season with the team. That hasn’t stopped another contender from showing interest in McClain as it looks like once again the former Raiders draft pick has the opportunity to fall upwards in what has been a surprisingly charmed career in the NFL in the midst of all the controversy that surrounds him.

According to reports the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots will be visiting with McClain, taking a hard look at a bargain middle linebacker and competing with the Cowboys for the services of the former eighth overall draft pick.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Patriots are visiting with McClain as the franchise has a reputation of taking fliers on players despite their character issues, bringing them into their locker room and getting the most out of their talents while their character concerns seem to be non-factors while in the Boston area. While uncanny in the success rate, it has helped the Patriots remain one of the premier teams in the league by giving them low cost players that other teams refused to put on their rosters for one reason or another.

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Expect the Cowboys and the Patriots to begin to bid with one another for McClain, something that nobody would have predicted at this stage of the offseason just a year ago. Showing just how amazing it is that a player who retired from football after being exiled from Oakland and failing to gain traction in Baltimore is now a hot commodity earning interest from two contenders with one of those teams being the defending Super Bowl champions.

McClain continues to rise in his career even if he fails to stay out of trouble, something that must baffle Raiders fans who were disappointed that a talented linebacker could never get it together off or on the field in Oakland before cutting cut by a rebuilding team. It will also be a “What If” situation regarding the Raiders and McClain, but it appears the linebacker has found his place in the league as a mercenary of sorts who can provide talent while also being an off the field risk due to his sometimes erratic behavior. It is working for now, and if he lands on the Patriots it will be another positive career move for a once troubled player who looked as if he would throw all of his talent away as one of the bigger draft busts in recent memory.