Oakland Raiders Unlikely to Draft Quarterback in 2015


In the 2013 and 2014 NFL Drafts the Oakland Raiders used picks outside of the first round to bring in a quarterback prospect to varying success, finding their QB of the future last year in the second round in Derek Carr while their 2013 fourth round pick in Tyler Wilson didn’t make it one year with the team as he was sent to the practice squad before being picked up on waivers in his rookie year with Oakland.

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If you count 2013 UDFA signing Matt McGloin, the Raiders have brought in three rookie quarterbacks in two offseasons, two of those players starting games in their rookie years with the team. However in 2014 it is likely that the team will be passing on a quarterback with their 2015 Draft picks for the first time in three years after finding their future in Derek Carr along with securing a quarterback depth chart that the team is comfortable with.

Bringing in Christian Ponder as a backup to pair with McGloin, it is looking like the Raiders have three quarterbacks they can trust this year and most importantly two backups who would be reliable options in a worst case scenario in which Carr could not make a start. That means it is unlikely to see general manager Reggie McKenzie do any further tinkering in the draft at quarterback, finally having the ability to address other needs without worrying about the team’s situation under center during the weekend of the draft.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Tanier has the Raiders listed as the 23rd team most likely to draft a quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft, giving them a 7.5% chance of selecting a passer even if the team appear to be set with a Carr/McGloin/Ponder trio going forward. The third year McGloin serving more than enough purpose as a quarterback with upside in the stable behind Carr for the time being.

From Tanier:

"23. Oakland RaidersLast QB Drafted (Rounds 1-4): Derek Carr (second round, 2014)Quarterbacks Drafted Since 2005 (Total): FourSee the Vikings comment. The Raiders have no interest in pushing/threatening Carr right now, but they may have some interest in adding competition to the Christian Ponder/Matt McGloin bench.Chance of Drafting a Quarterback: 7.5 percent"

It should be a relief for fans that the team no longer needs to try to win the lottery with quarterbacks in the draft each year, finally having what they feel is their answer at the position in Carr who showed great potential as well as leadership abilities during his rookie season. That lack of need for a QB allows the team to address other holes in the draft, something that the team desperately needs to do as the current Raiders roster is still an incomplete one even if it is getting better each passing offseason.

Don’t rule out something out of left field with the Raiders or any team in the NFL if they feel they have the best pick available at a position that isn’t necessarily a need, but it could be a safe bet to guarantee that Oakland will not be in the rookie quarterback market. Something that you couldn’t say many times over the past decade plus before Carr’s rookie season. Now the team’s attention goes to other areas first, and it is about time for a franchise that has had horrendous luck with quarterbacks since Rich Gannon to have a steady presence at the position with no need to go into the draft looking for a player who *could* be their passer of the future.