Shane Ray Could Fall Down Draft Boards After Marijuana Citation


Shane Ray’s draft outlook came crashing down on Monday night with the news that the Mizzou pass rusher was handed a marijuana citation after being pulled over for driving in the passing lane. Something that obviously made national headlines as Ray was charged just days before the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, bad timing for a player who already had concerns over a toe injury that had him slipping down draft boards.

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Ray was cited for having under 35 grams of marijuana, a personal amount ticket in the state of Missouri, but most concerning for NFL general managers is the timing of the ordeal as well as the league’s strict policy in suspending players for smoking pot. Making Ray a risk for missed game time should he flunk a drug test in the NFL.

Because of Ray’s news hitting the headlines in the final days before Thursday’s main event, some are predicting a drop down the draft for the pass rusher. Going from early projections of the Top 10-15 picks in the first round to some suggestions of exiting the first round altogether. One ESPN analysts even suggesting that Ray could fall as far as the fourth round in the 2015 Draft, something that is likely crazy to suggest, but shows just how quick the perception of a prospect can change over something as minor as a citation for marijuana possession.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that despite the citation and the concern over his draft stock that Ray still plans to attend the event in Chicago. Hoping that he will be selected in the first round despite the injury and character concerns that have crept to the surface in recent weeks.

It is unfortunate timing for Ray to have this drama turn him into one of the most talked about prospects this week for all of the wrong reasons, but the pass rusher is still unlikely to see his status change much as he was already a mid-first to second round prospect after his toe injury created concern from NFL front offices. If he drops past the early stages of the second round it will be a surprise to many as the dominant pass rusher at Mizzou has the highlight reel to warrant a pick inside the top two rounds, even if he showed poor judgement and timing getting caught with weed in his car in the final days before the draft.

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