Randy Gregory Expected to Fall Down Draft Boards Tonight


At one point the debate surrounding the Top 5 of the 2015 NFL Draft was whether Randy Gregory or Leonard Williams would be the top pass rusher taken in the first round, with the Nebraska defensive end drawing rave reviews for his play during the 2014 season. Even if he was undersized compared to the monster Williams, who had an equally impressive season at USC, eventually surpassing Williams on draft boards before the season ended due to his stellar second half play with the Trojans to end his career on a high note.

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Now Gregory, who got hurt in the second half of the 2014 season with the Cornhuskers, has bottomed out when it comes to his draft stock. Off field issues as well as his low weight drawing concerns from NFL scouts who are questioning whether or not the pass rusher has what it takes to make it at the next level. Something that has analysts feeling that he could be taken late in the first round, or fall out of the first round all together tonight.

A failed combine drug test for smoking marijuana started the problems for Gregory, but now those around the league are picking apart the prospect to the point where it is being floated out there that all 32 teams could pass on him in the first round. Something that would have been a shock in the fall when Gregory was being touted as a can’t miss type of prospect due to his speed on the edge. That has changed drastically as now it is being reported that teams are wary on Gregory for his marijuana use and potential mental health issues amongst concerns over his physical traits.

Gregory has a gifted set of skills and talent even if he failed a drug test at the combine, so it is strange to see such negative buzz to the point where some are projecting a fall out of the first round tonight. If that happens a team like the Raiders would be quick to consider Gregory in the early stages of Round 2 as the pass rusher was at one point projected to be a lock to go inside of the Top 10. Concerns surrounding his weight and his pot smoking should only change perceptions so much because at the end of the day Gregory could still make an impact in the right situation in the NFL. After all, he was getting hype during the 2014 NCAA season for a reason.