Oakland Raiders Negotiations With City Are “Gurgling Blood”


With no progress being made, the status quo in the Raiders negotiations with the City of Oakland was assumed in that there is a very good chance that owner Mark Davis may have to relocate the team to get a new stadium built for the franchise. Years of talks with the city about the need for an upgrade from the decrepit Coliseum leading to nothing making for negativity when it comes to the team staying in Oakland.

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A new report from the SF Gate on Monday the discussions between the Raiders and the city are even worse than assumed as the potential for a deal between the two sides to build a future home for the team may be declared dead in the coming months according to an unnamed Coliseum official.

Matier and Ross, the Gate’s insiders on the stadium beat, broke a story that outlines the key issues putting the talks between the two sides near the breaking point. Particularly the cost of a stadium that the city is looking unwilling to cover with the future of the A’s also a concern as the City of Oakland may not be able to meet Davis’ needs to keep the Raiders in their home.

From SF Gate

"The deal to build the Raiders a new stadium in Oakland “is gurgling blood” — the only question being when it’s going to be declared dead, according to one Coliseum official close to the talks.Three big problems stand in the way — the cost of the stadium, the cost of the land for the stadium and the future of the A’s.The Raiders want free land, something elected officials in Oakland and Alameda County say they can’t deliver, according to our source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because talks are still under way.As for the money for the stadium, “the Raiders and the NFL have about $500 million between them,” the source said.But that’s about half what the stadium is likely to cost. So barring the emergence of big-bucks investors, someone — i.e., the public — will have to come up with a cool $500 million.“But the real poison pill is the Raiders’ insistence that the minute we start working on the new stadium, the old one comes down,” the source said, adding that owner Mark Davis does not want to be “playing in the middle of a construction zone” that would be required for a new A’s ballpark to be built."

From the newest news out of the negotiations to leak to the public it again does not look good for fans in Oakland who desperately want the team to stay where it has called home for the majority of franchise history. A city with limited funds and an owner with limited funds both unable to make it work for the Raiders to stay in Oakland making the fans the likely victims when all is said and done. With no private investors coming to rescue the two sides in sight, the slow march to the Oakland Raiders sad fate continues to crawl along. These reports only solidifying the sense that it will take a 180 degree turnaround for the city to keep its football team.