Rob Manfred Can’t See Oakland Raiders, A’s Sharing Coliseum Site


May 7, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; MLB commissioner Rob Manfred speaks at a press conference before the game between the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Spor

It has been awhile since we have touched the ever present Oakland stadium saga, but this weekend has saw another set of comments from an important player in the future of the city’s sports teams make new public comments about the uncertain future of the Oakland A’s and the Oakland Raiders. An uncertain future that likely won’t see the two sides sharing the same venue at the current Coliseum site.

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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, Bud Selig’s replacement as league commissioner, spoke to Oakland media during his league wide tour of ballparks and spoke on the issue of the A’s stadium battle in the city. A battle that includes fighting with the Raiders on who has the rights to the Coliseum site as both teams want to build in the current location, but have no interest in sharing a venue with the other team if a new stadium does get built.

Manfred confirmed the expected in that there is little chance that the two teams would both occupy the Coliseum site in a new stadium project. Stadium sharing off of the table between the two owners and the lack of space to have two stadiums on the current site making it next to impossible in the MLB commissioner’s mind that both teams could share the Coliseum plot of land going forward.

From CSN Bay Area:

"However, Manfred is less optimistic that the current Coliseum site could host new venues for both the A’s and Raiders. Both teams have independently stated their desire for new stadiums at the current site, though no concrete plans have materialized for either team.“My information is it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have two facilities on the current Coliseum site,” Manfred said.In recent weeks, Manfred also has stressed the need for the A’s to be pro-active in their stadium efforts and not wait for the Raiders situation to resolve itself. Regarding the reality that city and county officials have been trying to balance the competing interests of two professional sports franchises, Manfred said:“I do think (the fact that) you have two stadium possibilities — football and baseball — on their table at the same time is not very positive in terms of things moving along. Two things are harder to solve than one.”"

Manfred’s comments only confirm what we already have known all along in that the A’s and Raiders are unwilling to share a stadium or the current Coliseum site even if it means having to relocate. Mark Davis and Lew Wolff both wanting something to call their own after spending so many years sharing the aging Coliseum. You can’t blame either owner for wanting to be selfish, but as Manfred told the Bay Area media, it makes things even more difficult for both teams as the two owners continue to lobby the city at the same time.

Partnering together has gone out the window a long time ago, but the A’s and Raiders struggles are exasperated by the fact the city has to focus on both issues simultaneously. Fans of both teams hope that the unwillingness to share doesn’t force one, or both of Oakland’s teams out of the city, but that is the risk as the city may need to find two locations to keep the franchises.