Only Winning Solves Oakland Raiders Stadium Issues


It is almost too obvious to point out that winning will help the Raiders’ stadium situation. One of the biggest obstacles in both stadium plans is finding additional funding for a stadium as the Raiders can’t build it on their own. Oakland officials and the Raiders are trying to find alternatives to public funds. Meanwhile, the Raiders have to partner with the Chargers because they can not afford their own stadium project in Los Angeles.

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Well their have been updates on the stadium projects, none of them have been too bright for the Raiders. Raider Nation has already developed a divide between those who want the team to go and others who want the team to move. It is even more frustrating that Raiders’ ownership is concentrated on a new home, instead of putting together the best product.

Their current city, Oakland, seems to be struggling balancing the needs of its’ current professional sports teams. Even though the Golden State Warriors just won a NBA title in Oakland, they have not changed their intent to move across the bay into San Francisco. Then you have the Raiders’ co-tenants, the A’s, who have made it clear they do not want to share a facility with the Raiders. Recently, the A’s owner said he does not think it is possible for the city to build a baseball and football stadium while maintaining parking. It gets even more awkward considering the A’s have a long-term lease with the vary stadium the Raiders want to tear down for construction of a new site. One expert even called the current Oakland proposal one of the worst he has ever seen.

On the other hand, the Raiders are heavily vested in the NFL’s arm race for Los Angeles. However, they did not even show up for a recent town-hall meeting in Carson, the site of their joint venture with the Chargers. Maybe they did not like the MC of the meeting or maybe there was no update? Eitherway, Angelinos don’t like being stood up.

Also in Los Angeles, the Raiders already have an uphill battle versus the deep pockets of St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke and his Inglewood stadium. Then you have the whole ordeal of teaming up with a division rival in the Chargers and their own stadium mess.  Mark Davis already gave up his request for an Al Davis eternal flame, could getting a stadium in L.A. also mean giving up his stance on not wanting to be a tenant in a new stadium? Could that mean renting a stadium from Kreonke or the Chargers in L.A.?

One can see their is no easy solution to the Raiders’ stadium quest. Ultimately, the only thing the Raiders can do to solve the problem is win. In fact, sports are in the business of winning. Winning simply equals more ticket revenue and more sponsorships. However, the Raiders haven’t made a post season in more than a decade  and are failing at the business of winning.

The A’s have made it to a post-season, and the Warriors just won a NBA title. That puts the lackluster Raiders at the bottom of the city’s priorities. If the city does have a choice between the A’s and Raiders, Oakland Raider fans will probably not like the outcome.

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In Los Angeles, the Raiders will have to fight push-back from a generation of fans who haven’t grown-up with a NFL team. These fans have jumped on to winning bandwagons, and the Raiders will need to win for them to be embraced by the new generation of L.A. football fans. Not to mention, they’ll need to be an instant winner if they are battling another football team for revenue in the same building.

As a L.A. native, I still hope the Raiders stay in Oakland. Having attended games for all of the Los Angeles’ sports teams, nothing compares to witnessing the black-hole in Oakland. Even if a bigger market in Los Angeles could mean more profit, the city of Oakland deserves to see the Raiders win considering all the support over this losing decade.

Either way, die-hard Raider Nation has proven they will support the team as long as they are wearing silver and black. Regardless, winning will appease balance sheets and their fans. Winning ensures the team can find a stadium solution in California and not in San Antonio or Portland. Hence, the Raiders only stadium solution, is just winning, baby!