Next NFL Los Angeles Meeting Limited to Owners Only


Nov 20, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders fans tailgate while holding signs the read “Stay in Oakland” before the NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With another offseason soon to pass without a crystal clear plan for the NFL’s seemingly inevitable return to Los Angeles, the league is planning a special meeting restricted to only the most important figures in the league to try to accomplish some progress. The hope being that the league and the owners can knock out a vision for future relocation on August 11 when the league’s next meeting is schedule.

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According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times that August 11 meeting is noteworthy because the meeting will be restricted to just the 32 owners, an attempt to get the league’s owners to freely discuss the issue of L.A. relocation without the worry of league officials leaking out any information to the press.

ProFootballTalk added to the report, citing that the league is not expected to vote on either the Carson or Inglewood proposals, but will listen to proposals from both the Rams (Inglewood) as well as the Raiders/Chargers joint proposal to relocate to Los Angeles at the meeting. A chance for those involved with both projects to make their selling points to the NFL’s owners in a private meeting.

From ProFootballTalk

"According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, this meeting will be a rare one-per-club meeting, meaning the 32 owners will be alone in a room.The sense is that without team presidents and other officials who are around for the annual spring meetings in the room, the owners will more comfortable to push through difficult issues with fewer people clattering about.With only principal owners in the room (plus one family member each), it creates an opportunity for real movement on the issue in a behind-the-scenes-while-being-the-scene way.At that meeting, they’re not expected to make a final decision on who goes to L.A. and where they play. But they will hear presentations from the Inglewood and Carson stadium sites, which are being forwarded by the Rams and the Chargers/Raiders jointly, respectively.Having three teams and two stadium possibilities mean that deals going to be too tough to strike in any one day. But they are expected to refine and announce a new schedule for both accepting relocation applications and making the final decisions for the site of the team(s) involved."

Obviously this meeting will have a direct impact on the future of the Raiders, who are one of the three teams who are strongly considering relocation to Los Angeles. With Mark Davis and the rest of the NFL owners meeting on the issue alone, August 11 could be one of the most important dates when it comes to the future of the franchise in Oakland. With negative reports surrounding the Oakland proposal to the team coming to the surface last week, fans in the team’s current city will be hoping that the Carson project doesn’t sway the league’s owners to see a Chargers/Raiders shared venue in Carson as the best possible relocation option.