Oakland Raiders, Chargers move could be more likely than Rams


When it comes to the race for relocation to Los Angeles there are three candidates, two of which appear to be interested in a joint move and another team that want a stadium in Hollywood all to themselves. The Raiders and Chargers interested in sharing a proposed Carson area stadium together while the St. Louis Rams appear to be interested in a site in Inglewood that would be solely used by the other NFL franchise that used to call Los Angeles their home. (Fun Fact: Interestingly enough, all three potential relocation franchises have played in LA in either the AFL or the NFL in their history)

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However the Rams wish to go about moving to LA on their own may backfire on them if you ask some close to the situation in St. Louis as local reporters are getting the sense that if the Raiders/Chargers proposal in Carson goes through that the two AFC West teams would beat out Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s vision to move into Inglewood with a monopoly on the Los Angeles market.

According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Rams relocation plans may not be as done of a deal as some in Missouri are predicting. Strauss adding that he feels that the Raiders/Chargers plan has a good amount of political sway in both NFL and Los Angeles circles as naturally two NFL franchises in a model similar to the one in New York gives the city twice the revenue with 16 home games as opposed to just eight if the Rams move to Inglewood.

From Inside STL.com:

"Do you think it’s a matter of time before the Rams announce they’re moving?“I think some people perceive that as a foregone conclusion. I’m not in that camps. I think there’s a lot of political sway behind the Oakland-San Diego project. Where that leaves Kroenke is a legitimate question.  I don’t think it’s a done deal the Rams are out of here as much as some people present it that way.”More on Kroenke:“Is Kroenke going to build a stadium if the NFL assigns two teams to Carson? I don’t (believe that). There’s a lot of things in flux here. The narrative has become so strong (that Kroenke’s a bad guy and wants the team out of here and they’re gone). Maybe all that’s correct, but I don’t think you can assume that. Certainly what’s going on locally in terms of the new stadium proposal…would suggest this thing is still in play. Where are people getting their information where the team is gone? Perhaps the Rams will move…I think there’s a lot of ballgame to be played here. It’s a bit presumptuous to think the end game is obvious.”"

It is going to be the story to watch from all three fanbases off of the field until something is determined on the relocation story that has been grabbing headlines for what seems like years now. The Chargers and Raiders may be inching ahead in the ‘Battle for Los Angeles’ with their shared stadium proposal if both teams decide that relocation is a better option than fighting with city councils who don’t want to cough up public funds for them to stay. If that happens the Rams could be left in the cold as the NFL and Los Angeles might just decide that having the New York experience with two storied franchises in the same city is more valuable than returning a Rams brand that ended in disaster in the city once back to LA.