Former Raiders HC Lane Kiffin in Alabama scandal?


If you have been on the internet (and by internet we mean Twitter here) on Thursday morning, you may have seen rumblings of former Oakland Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin being in the midst of a scandal based on some rumors that the former Silver and Black sideline boss may have had an affair with someone that could be grounds for his firing at Alabama.

FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd and FOX Sports columnist Clay Travis both tweeted hints at a possible scandal involving Kiffin. A scandal that after some digging on Twitter shows rumors out of Tuscaloosa that Kiffin may have allegedly got himself in trouble for sleeping with the wrong person.

The rumor going around surrounds Kiffin sleeping with either a booster’s wife or with Nick Saban’s daughter. Rumors that are hard to believe considering Kiffin’s current heat with Crimson Tide fans after the team’s loss at home to Ole Miss last weekend leading to the potential for fans in Alabama to create a rumor that could get the unpopular offensive coordinator fired.

Since leaving the Raiders after being infamously fired by Al Davis, Kiffin hasn’t had much success at earning the love of any of the fanbases he has coached. Whether at Tennessee, USC or now at Alabama it has seemed as if fans have wanted Kiffin gone as soon as possible wherever he has went.

Now it looks like Crimson Tide fans are taking it to the next level with this wild rumor coming out about a potential sex scandal involving Kiffin. If the rumor is true there is a chance he could be fired, but with something that appears just too juicy to be believable we will all have to wait and see what the former Raiders HC future at Alabama will be in the coming days.

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