Oakland Raiders could be sold to billionaire, B/R reports


The Oakland Raiders and the Davis family are forever tied to one another as Al Davis built the franchise from one of the AFL’s original teams to one of the most iconic franchises in sports. Since his death his son Mark Davis has taken the task of taking a financially struggling team without a new stadium into the modern era. A task that has proven to be difficult both on and off of the field for Mark due to the state the franchise was left in after Al’s death.

On the field, the Raiders appear to be making the steps to restoring the franchise’s tradition early in 2015 with two straight wins to move to a 2-1 record, but off of the field Davis is still struggling to get the modern stadium that the franchise needs to catch up with the rest of the league. The situation in both Oakland and Los Angeles giving Mark Davis massive challenges in getting a proper venue built for the Raiders.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, the situation is becoming enough of a challenge for the cash-strapped owners in the Davis family to consider selling the team to a mystery investor. Something that would end the tradition of the team being owned by Al Davis and his family in order to get a new stadium built.

Cole claims four separate sources have told him that Mark Davis would consider selling either a large stake or the entire team to an unnamed “mystery billionaire” investor who would then get a stadium built in Los Angeles. A move that would entirely shake up the identity of the franchise.

Cole’s report indicates a growing concern that Davis won’t have the money to finance a relocation, which would force a sale of the team. Something that could happen and would make the Raiders a team that many billionaires would theoretically be interested in. The Raiders strong brand in Los Angeles making them a prime candidate to print money if they were to relocate to the second biggest market in the United States.

However it should be said that selling the team will be an absolute last resort for the Davis family who will certainly want to remain as the controlling owners of the team if possible to carry on the legacy of the face of the team behind the scenes for decades in Al Davis. If Mark Davis can get his new stadium built it is highly unlikely that he will even consider selling, but if he is left with no other options it is sounding as if there will be plenty of interest from the long list of potential investors with deep pockets in Los Angeles to take over the Raiders and get a new venue built for the franchise.

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