Oakland Raiders fan groups react to Twitter threat at team


On Sunday, a Twitter user began to circulate an image threatening owner Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders over the relocation issue. Promising violence at the team headquarters if Davis did not cease his pursuit of relocation to Los Angeles, a dark moment considering the serious nature of the threats that were being made towards Twitter accounts of current Raiders players.

The lone wolf threats have brought a reaction from various fan groups in Oakland who are trying to keep the team in the Bay Area, all of which who came out to react to the tweets condemning the actions the individual for the threats he made on Sunday night while making it clear that no Oakland fan groups are associating themselves with any type of threats towards the team.

Stay in Oakland contacted Just Blog Baby on Tuesday afternoon while making an official statement on their Facebook page making it clear that the Twitter user is in no way associated with their movement to keep the team in Oakland.

From the Stay in Oakland official statement:

"This is a very sad day for everyone involved in bringing awareness and support in hope of keeping the Raiders in Oakland. It is unfortunate the columnist in this article associates the individual, who justifies such a heinous act as acceptable, with our movement. Violence is never supported on any level. Our goal is to make a difference by bringing awareness and attainable solutions to accommodate a new sports complex in Oakland."

Oakland Raiders superfan Dr. Death also tweeted on Sunday night that the Forever Oakland group are also not condoning the actions of the Twitter account, which has since been deleted after the JBB report on the tweets circulated yesterday.

It is no surprise that the peaceful Oakland fan groups were quick to disassociate themselves with the serious threats of one Twitter user on Sunday as both Dr. Death and his Forever Oakland group along with the Stay in Oakland movement were quick to make official statements regarding the issue. Those who are protesting the NFL and Mark Davis contemplation of relocating the franchise rallying against the disgusting threats that were made yesterday.

We at Just Blog Baby would like to make it clear that the major Oakland fan groups focused on keeping the team in the Bay Area were in no way associated with the tweets made on Sunday and that the actions on Twitter were made by a lone individual who has since deleted his account. Anyone looking for more information on the Stay in Oakland movement and what they are doing in the community to keep the team can do so at facebook.com/stayinoaktown.

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