The Official Oakland Raiders Bandwagon Test


The official bandwagon test of the Oakland Raiders, to separate the diehard fans of Raider Nation from those who are just entering the fold due to the newfound success of the franchise.

Brace yourselves, Raider Nation, the bandwagon fans are coming. Sitting at 9-2 as one of the best teams in football — #2 in ESPN’s Power Rankings — the Oakland Raiders bandwagon will certainly start to grow, and grow fast.

With the newfound success, diehards of the team are understandably thrilled. As we all know, the Raiders haven’t fielded a winning football team since 2002, so it’s been a long time coming for this franchise to get back to its winning ways. But like with every successful team, bandwagon fans climb on board to artificially enjoy success, when they never experienced the pain.

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So in order to sort out the fakes, a bandwagon test is in order. We asked Raider Nation to submit questions on Twitter using #RaidersBandwagonTest, and we received a ton of ideas. Just click on the hashtag and it will take you a link to show you.

All of the submissions are greatly appreciated, but for the sake of article length, not all can be included. Take a moment to go through all of the questions and see how well you do. And if you see a Raiders fan somewhere wearing gear that they forgot to take the tags off of, ask them a few of these questions.

Let’s get started.

That one wasn’t a question, but it would be funny to say to someone if they respond in agreement.

Once again, there were a ton of submissions, so not all are included. Thank you to everyone who helped create this test.

Even the most diehard of fans might not get 100% on these questions, but it should be very close to that.

How did you do?

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