AFC West Roundup: Where the Raiders stand after 2023 Week 6

The Las Vegas Raiders have had a tumultuous season so far this year as they pulled out a close win against the longtime rivals New England Patriots.

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders are looking to stay in playoff contention as the season trucks on from a lackluster performance the past few weeks against below-average teams, excluding the Buffalo Bills. As the team still tries to find its identity, fans have expressed disdain for the current coaching staff.

Despite being 3-3, the team is still in second place in the AFC West but could be dethroned from that position if the Chargers win tonight.

In a turn of events, the Las Vegas Raiders defense has actually been better than advertised this season, and is helping the team to victories. While the offense has yet to score 20 points in a game this season, the defense is continuously keeping the team in ballgames, and that has led to them getting back to the .500 mark.

Las Vegas has struggled on offense due to the fact they have not gotten the run game going so far, and they have already had to utilize three different quarterbacks through six games. Despite that, the Raiders seem to be moving the ball but have yet to put that into scoring. The Raiders offense also stands at 10th in total third downs with 71 and has only made 26 conversions for a measly 25% conversion rate.

Raiders sitting in second place in the AFC West after six weeks

The Raiders have scored 100 points this season so far and compared to other 3-3 teams, they are below-average. The Jets who are also 3-3 have scored 113 points, the Colts who are also 3-3 have scored 140 points, and the Commanders have scored 133 points leaving the Raiders in the dust.

In the AFC West, the Chiefs lead with 147 points, the Broncos come in second place at 1-5 with 129 points, the Chargers are in third with 110 points, and the Raiders are dead last with 100 points even.

The 3-3 record for the Las Vegas Raiders is much more than what the box score looks like. Like the Broncos, the Raiders' box score says they are a 1-5 team and have pulled out close wins against teams that they should have blown out, mainly the Broncos and the Patriots. Overall the Raiders are at -31 points for the season and need to rebound quickly.

As the season goes on, the standings in the AFC West are:

. 124. Chiefs. . . 5-1 Overall. . . 1. 1-0 Division

3-3 Overall. . 2. 1-1 DIvision. . . . 28. Raiders.

1-0 Division . 3. Chargers. . . . . 2-2 Overall. . 13

. 4. 1-5 Overall. . . Broncos. . 45. 0-2 Division .