Las Vegas Raiders: 3 reasons Tyree Wilson will win the NFL's DROY

The Las Vegas Raiders shocked their fan base when they turned down a cornerback in favor of a defensive end at 7th overall in the 2023 NFL draft.
Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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Tyree Wilson embodies everything the Las Vegas Raiders are looking for in a defender. He's tall, lengthy, strong, and intelligent, and he's also a character. The individual success of Maxx Crosby has also shown what this team is capable of on the defensive line.

When the Raiders drafted Wilson I'm not going to lie, the first thought in my head was "Leave it to the Raiders to draft the one obnoxious player in the draft." But I would quickly be proven wrong.

Wilson has made a name for himself being a high-motor player who never stops. The Texas Tech player stands at 6'6" tall and weighs in at 275 pounds. He's also got a motor on him that won't quit. The Las Vegas Raiders sore spot has always been the defense and the ownership went with the front-seven to pair with Maxx Crosby.

Given his natural ability and his desire to rush the passer, here are three reasons why Wilson could win the Defensive Rookie of the Year award in 2023.