4 players Raiders gave up on too early

Who are some of the more notable players the Raiders have given up on?

Raiders, Khalil Mack
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Derek Carr, QB

The 2022 season was one to forget for many reasons. While Josh Jacobs led the league in rushing, it was also a season that saw the Raiders completely shift gears at the tail end of the year. For nine seasons, Derek Carr was the franchise quarterback of the Raiders.

He had gone from second-round pick, to four-time Pro Bowler and a one-time MVP candidate (before a difficult injury derailed that idea), to getting quite the cold shoulder from the Raiders organization.

At the end of the 2022 season, Carr was told he'd be inactive for the final two games of the year so that the team could get a good look at Jarrett Stidham and assess the future of the position. It was as disrespectful as you could get, and of course, Carr would ultimately move on to New Orleans. Now, we have yet to see how he'll pan out with the Saints. But, to see the Raiders go from Carr to Jimmy Garoppolo feels like we were fed a bunch of lies when we were told the team wanted to get younger and look at the future of the position.

The Raiders gave up far too early on Carr, period. He sits number one all-time in Raiders passing yards with over 35,000, which is over 16,000 more than Ken Stabler at number two. To treat him the way they did was a shame.