4 Davante Adams trades to help Raiders build for the future

The Raiders wide receiver is frustrated, but could the team actually trade him?

Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams
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When the Las Vegas Raiders brought in wide receiver Davante Adams last year, one of the main thoughts behind the move was pairing him with his college quarterback and good friend, Derek Carr.

The moment the organization decided to flip Carr the bird, though, was when things could have turned. After just one season with the Raiders, Adams likely wasn't happy with how things went down between the team and Carr.

Now without Carr and catching passes from Jimmy Garoppolo, Adams is stuck on a team that has been unable to establish a winning culture, and it's become bothersome. Yet, he still remains one of the best weapons in the game today.

There have been a lot of rumors about a possible Adams trade with these recent comments, and if he does get moved, the Raiders should look at a deal similar to one of the following.

Trade Number 1: The Giants finally get a legitimate wide receiver

Last year, Brian Daboll led a massive turnaround in New York. He was able to help Daniel Jones to the best and most efficient year of his young career, all at the same time where questions surrounded his future with the team.

The biggest, glaring hole, though, has been a lack of a true number one wide receiver. And, it still is. With the Giants' slow start, a trade for Adams could be exactly what they needed.

Adams trade 1

In this deal, the Raiders get a first rounder in 2024 and a fourth rounder the following year. The Giants, then, would be banking on Saquon Barkley returning to form quickly, as he heals up from his high ankle sprain. Then, a tandem of Barkley and Adams would be a heck of a duo for Jones to work with as they look to turn things around.